Saturday, August 27, 2005

Pets, got to blog 'em

Sooner or later you have to web log your pets!

This is "Sam I Am"
Schnauzer- Yorkshire mix
"Schnorkie Breed"

The smartest dog
I have ever known,
with a built in cat

detector (shiny dark
bulb at front)

In March Sam kept sniffing at this one spot at the foundation of our house, and
making a strange sound. We also were seeing this cat at random times in our yard. So I started thinking that we might have an infestation of kittens.

When I crawled under the house ten little eyes were glowing in the beam of my flashlight. I thought at first about ignoring the little monsters. The momma will take care of them, and perhaps she would move them out, I thought. Then I considered the fact that the only life for a feral cat in the city was no life at all. My misson was clear. I had to harvest and tame them if they were to have any chance of a life.

I fed them a half&half, unsalted butter mixture with a drinking straw. We washed the fleas off with a diluted mixture of Sam's shampoo. After a nights rest I started them on the cow juice mix and albacore tuna water. In a couple of days they were eating the tuna from a dish.

Now, I am not a good cat owner by some standards and a tenderheart by others. I
think a cat is a free agent in this world and I am willing to help them out. For the most part I let nature do what nature do. If kitty is not smart enough to stay alive in it's dealing with the devil's world, that is between gato and God. I let them in the house if they want, and out if they want. We kept them in Sam's porta-pet at night for fear of hunting foul and bigger cats until they were about three months old.

NAME: HI (from Hi McDunnis in "Rasing Arizona")
NOTES: He is a little outlaw you can see it in his eyes.
ADOPTED TO: Castle (my youngest daughter)
Castle's mother gave this cat away while Castle was at the movies.

NAME: OAKLEY (from sunglass marks near eyes)
NOTES: She is an exact copy of mother cat.
ADOPTED TO: Brandon (glass blower)
Working on a farm as a mouser and family pet in Halls, TN

NAME: STAIN (looks like he was held by toe and dipped)
NOTES: Deep thinker for a cat.
ADOPTED TO: Brandon (glass blower)
Working on a farm as a mouser and family pet in Halls, TN

NAME: TUX (from pattern on fir)
NOTES: Liked to get too close to cars.
ADOPTED TO: Unable to adopt before his car fetish caught up to him.

NAME: LACQUER (from dark shiny coat)
NOTES: She is a loving and playful friend of Sam I Am.
ADOPTED TO: Jed and Family

I will place more of her here another time

:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 12:12 AM


See what you have done! Now I am gonna have to get a picture of my Airedale Kipper and post it. If it just weren't so damn hard to get him to sit still for a photo!
Blogger greatwhitebear, at 1:06 AM  
fascinatin stuff, sir. lack how ye handled them kittens, speshly how ye named em.

raisin arizona is a legend in miz bds fambly. sumtimes when we are all out eatin or whutever, one of em will quote a line frum that movie n tuther two will join rite in. i used to wunder whut wuz thay talkin bout, but now i dun seen the movie a time or three, tho i caint keep up with all them quotes.

i luv cats but caint have em. i give em up after 25 years of always havin one or two on a counta bein allergick, witch i fought it but have been much healthier since. innywho, nice post.
Blogger buddy don, at 5:59 AM  
Thanks for saving and nurturing the kitties. I also like how you put names on them. I have two cats that are litter mates, Dargai and Whatbay which you might have read about on my blog.
Blogger red molly, at 8:14 AM  
This post was fun. I see now why folks blog their pets. They are a blast to just put your eyes on. I am going to have to blog the kids next!

I had to give them names to care for them (Genesis 1:28-b). So I was stuck with it RM, like Adam.

One of Mt. Girls post "reason to etra" was a question inspired from Mr. Huffhines (changed to Arizona for his business) asking the F.B.I. about their method. I use that phrase sometimes, and she was wondering if it was an actual word. I bet I could keep up at Ms. bd's family pic-nic...on that subject anyway.

GWB, them dogs dont ever mess up the floor I understand.

Thank y'all for coming by Jed's, you know I will be returning the visit.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 11:57 AM  
Hi daddy jed this is your loving step daughter and i love your blog!
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