Sunday, August 28, 2005

Job and the Hurricane

I have been taking time in my spiritual life to explore the poetic books of the bible (Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon). I started with the book of Job about six years ago when all I had amassed in the world was gone and out of my hands. I went to this book to try and find some peace for my life (without the use of the Walgreens' pharmacy counter). In my self-pity, I looked for a calm to come from knowing when all is gone there is a God that loves me enough to give me everything I know, even the pain. While in this self-absorbed state, I saw the book as a story a person could study in good times and bad.

I am no Bible scholar, but I do have a few hours of study in the events of my life and my variable perspective. If you want to know about Jed , there is no higher person on earth than me to get that information. I am a dislocated and bitter Baptist. I dislike church after ten years of avid attendance. From my twenty-eighth until my thirty-eighth year, I watched and served in the Church as an assistant Sunday school teacher for 5th graders and on numerous committees. Now I fear that kind of fellowship in my bitterness. It seemes, when I needed them most, I was considered un-clean and worthless to them with my divorce illness. I have to admit that much of this perception of banishment was in the confines of my own emotional brokenness. I do not offer to call that congregation anything but human and complicated, like all relationships on earth.

Solomon had everything to do with the way the five poetic books were arranged, assembled, and written. He gathered the stories and ran a mega theme of timeless wisdom throughout these books. Solomon,who was one of the smartest men who ever lived, is worth a look. If you have not read Job in a long time, I recommend it highly. Some folks say a Psalm a day will enrich your life beyond measure. I hope to someday heed the Psalm a day rule.

The poetic books can be loosely outlined as:

Job-"The how to suffer and not loose faith book."
Psalms-"The how to pray like you mean it book."
Proverbs-"The how to act like you love God book."
Ecclesiastes-"The way to enjoy and take your time in life book."
Song of Solomon-"The how to love your love book."

Solomon was the 4th son of David born to Bathsheba. Even his birth is a testament to good coming from a bad start (if you remember how David and Bathsheba hooked up). He was to the Old Testament what Paul (Saul of Tarsus) was to the New Testament. Solomon's viewpoint of simply chasing the wind when you get too raw about seeing hurricanes tear up your cities, warmongers killing the masses, and even our own setbacks in life, are purposeful for reasons we are not equipped to fathom. Just sit tight and try and not make matters worse, unless you need to in your season.
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this is a grate reeminder of them poetick books. i preciate yer menchun of em. reeminds me of teachin job at knoxvull collidge, witch i ast my students did job git mad at god? they had to proov it usin the text. the day i ast em that questchun, they gut in such a fuss n fite over it that they stayd thru lunch to discuss it even after i had dun left. when i cum back after lunch fer my 1 o'clock class, i had to chase em out. goes to show ye how universal these books are, how thar still razin issues that resonates with near everbidy.

nicely writ, sir!
Blogger buddy don, at 5:09 AM  
Good post! You have a gifted mind and exceptional writing talent. I'm glad you are blogging.
Blogger red molly, at 2:20 PM  
I don't think Job hated God for it, even when his wife told him to(he did have a good batch of self pitty tho). Unlike Jed who sometimes gets raw with God over stuff. I have heard it said you are not in a REAL relationship until you have a spat or two. I am glad there was God on earth who understands the fickle human heart first hand.

RM, thanks for the complement! As you can tell I open up my heart and let it pour (since it is right atop my sholder).
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 5:22 PM  
jed --
i was talking the other day with a friend about spiritual ideas and realized something i suppose i already knew.
Jesus had no use for churches. When the so-called Leaders grilled him about it, he said all ya need is for 'two or three' to be gathered in his name and you're on the Mainline.
So there is no need for those big buildings and expensive programs. Just share and fellowship with your friends and be thankful for those times.
Just a thought.
Anonymous Joe P., at 6:04 PM  
And a wonderful thought it is birthday boy! Church is a word like home it can be a building as well as a place in ones heart.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 9:53 PM  
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Best regards!
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