Thursday, August 11, 2005

Jed, missing his two, two wheels

I have been asking my blog friend Red Molly to add photos of her sons Vespa project to her post. These pictures feed my eyes (Jed's porn, not in a touch myself sort of way). Thanks Blue Page Special!

I have owned two motorcycles in the past seven years and lost two motorcycles in the same time. I am not whimpering, just missing that feeling. I love to look at the wonderful form and functional parts of bikes. When I have had the good fortune to own Harleys, I would
just pull them out in the sunshine and circle them taking in every detail with my eyes. The gas mileage is sweet too! I can't find many digital photos of my bikes. I have found two for this post, and my current bike, which has never used one gallon of gas...enjoy.

I would like to give out this link to Confederate Motorcycles (these bikes are the epitome of v-twin techinical excellence)

I also ride a unicycle (not like this!), wheels are in my blood.
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Seriously, that Chris Holm fella can not have a scrotum any more!
Blogger The Editor, at 2:09 AM  
I don't know what he would do with thoes huge balls then.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 5:08 AM  
luv yer current bike! as fer red molly, me n miz bds a'gone meet her this verr evenin!

we hope to meet yew n mountain gurl in september, ifn my health holds out that long.

take keer!
Blogger buddy don, at 6:34 AM  
Much Thanks to TN Jed and the fine design work added to the Cup of Joe Powell blog. I love it and it even garnered the praise of fellow-blogger all the way from Malaysia the other night.
All hail the Pan-Pacific-appeal of TN Jed. A a starving writer, heaps of praise are all I can offer at the moment, but I know good things are headed your way.
Thanks for your work and your skills!
Blogger Joe Powell, at 11:56 AM  
Shucks y'all!

Joe you flatter, me that is why I do it mainly. I know things good are heading your way as well, you have too much talent to not be picked up somewhere. My God 100.3 fm needs a Joe like you! I can not believe they have Phil Williams doing an afternoon three hour show. I think his humor works better on the 5 a.m. Drive-time show with some music. Now it is just Phil and it ain't workin'.

bd, I am excited to meet you and mrs. bd, perhaps a little intimidated to meet such well educated and creative folks. I am also excited to read about the RM-bd meeting on both your weblogs.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 7:31 PM  

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