Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hearth and Hope

I hope we can keep it. It is about 1500 square feet built in '41 with a nice yard. I am overwhelmed at the likely loss in money and home. I took these in early spring/late winter.
The only thing that does not change for me is change itself. I describe a good human as one that is not afraid to ask for what he needs, and willing to accept what he can get. I was born cold and naked in a pool of blood and stagnate urine. It has been getting better than that day all my life. Any loss I feel I may suffer is offset by the fact that I could have not been offered a life at all. Any toil I feel was not my effort without the gift of life and ability to toil. Life is really all to the plus side if you view it from here.
I am feeling low, counting my blessings tho. Y'all think and pray good stuff for Jed as always. In the meantime I will try and not make matters worse.
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my thoughts n prayers are with ye, jed. yer coreck in sayin that thays blessins to be counted, thays always blessings to count, moren ye kin count at inny one time, but that dont mean thay aint hartbrake n loss nor that it dont set ye back. i hope ye dont have to face that kinda thang agin.

besides that, i shore luv the way ye rite, the way ye putt thangs.

take keer,
Blogger buddy don, at 8:52 PM  
bd, I hope they ain't working you too hard over at the big bank. I sure have enjoyed your stories and music, you are an awesome wordsmith. The way I put things together is what I call "Prophet of the Obvious". I cracked up my wife up yesterday with-"Well honey you just have to suffer with your blessings".

I still haven't come around to the second part of the novel, but
you are my first stop in the morning when I grab the mouse. Thanks so much for stopping by!!
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 10:42 PM  

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