Monday, August 08, 2005

Birthday Boy

Yep it is my birthday. Born in the year of the dragon under the Leo stars. I should be a powerful leader and agressive go-getter.

What the hell happened? Did someone de-claw me and snuff out the fire in my belly when I was too young to remember? I have never felt less powerless than I do today. That is not going to make me forget my blessings, no sir, not for one second.

I am having many laughs and love in my life. Four kids and a grandson to get my blood and spirit into the future. Well one of my kids is not my blood, but she gets to spend more time around me than my natural kids. I count her because she will tell the tales of my style to the others in due time and I love her. A beautiful sexy wife ten years to my junior who seems to like me as well as love me. It is so nice to have a friend inside a smart and sexy lover.
You may see me under this sign with a smile sometime
Yep, I am one blessed human.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 8:54 AM


a verr happy birthdy to ye, sir! lack the look of yer new blog, witch ye kin count on me lankin toot tomorry. so glad ye gut this started. as ye know, i dun been a fan fer a while now.

all the best to ye n mountain gurl!
Blogger buddy don, at 7:08 PM  
Thanks my teacher!

I hope to be able to post enough to make the linkin worth your time.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 8:41 PM  
Happy belated birthday, Jed :))

I'm a Leo, too.
Anonymous deb, at 3:53 PM  
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