Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Big Brother Fed

Jed is kind of aggravated today about paying a speeding ticket. I was driving my little neon box truck back from Heath Springs, South Carolina a couple-three months ago through the beautiful Maggie Valley. I was cruising a normal 65 mph down hill, the weather was perfect and the semi-trucks were blowing me about. I was radar zapped in the strech they have you slow down to 55 for no obvious reason (except to trap folks for money).

I am not disturbed so much about the money (a lie), since I was wrong to coast a little too fast. The thing that gripes me is the difficulty in making payment! It has to be a money order or cashiers check only. Courthouses are in the business to take money. Why do they not accept common forms of payment like debit cards over the phone, or regular checks? If it is a matter of the bank taking a percent or two, surcharge the customer/criminal. If it is part of the punishment for lawbreakers…charge them more money to cover it. Is it a head game for them to have you run the extra few miles to get a money order?

This annoyance brings me to how our local governments are starting to act like their big brother Fed. We were facing a wheel tax in our county last year and they allowed us to vote on it. It was all twisted in with two or three other issues that no matter how you cast, you got the mucky end of the stick. We were even sent cards before the big day stating: If you do not want the wheel tax vote YES on the wheel tax issue. I thought how ridiculous! I will just read the slip once inside the box…hell fire! There ain’t no way to really understand the jargon/legal-ease that thing was printed in, without a flow chart or diagram.

I think I voted to donate blood four times a year, mow my neighbor’s grass and pay an extra $60.00 for my tag. I was chin-up and fat breasted because I was acting locally in my best interest.

I made matters worse that day in the booth. Nevermind the man behind the curtain.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 6:36 PM


i half to say, jed, that fer sumbidy who wuz wundern whuther he could keep a blog a'goin, yer doin a grate job of it. thisns a nuther fine post, speshly the part bout votin on meashures that caint nobidy ritely unnerstand till ye git to whar ye caint tell whuther yer makin matters wurser or not till after ye have dun dun it.
Blogger buddy don, at 6:39 AM  
I have a good teacher in you bd!

I may not achieve a sheep pelt at the school of buddy don, but my roundness of thought is the reward.

I guess you never really know about the results until you get them...on anything.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 7:58 AM  
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