Saturday, August 06, 2011

Connected disconnect

There is this need to reach out and retreat all at the same time with me lately. It brings to mind the lyrics of a song a dear friend wrote... "I try and stay one step ahead of my ghost while I'm burning the bridges that I care about most".

While facing ghost last night I smacked my closest allies right square in the jaw emotionally speaking. Sorry, but not sorry. Connected, but not connected. The moon did come up like a neon lemon and my ghost caught up with me while I paused to feel the heat from the road.

Damn selfishness on my part is the only excuse I can offer. Pure old pride, the gateway to the other seven deadly ones got to me. In the haunting way things like that do... they are... they did.

Beg forgiveness while I bite the hand that feeds me? Yep, sounds about right for a self defeating dog on a long enough leash to get up to full speed before choking hard. Yep, thankful for that long lead, most of the time, the time just before the throat of emotion closes tight.

Trying hard to not make matters worse does not mean achievement at all. No, not at all, recon it is the trying that matters? The key to this blogs tagline "trying"... try and stay one step ahead of my ghost.

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