Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Place to Put it

You know how sometimes you just need to lay it down? You need some little place to stash a bit of grief. Weird summer, a place to put it seems like here is good enough.

My youngest elated then broke my heart, my middle gave life, my step freaked all the way out, my oldest stays in trouble. I fear I have reached some middle aged depression and in topography every direction is up hill when one is in a depression. I sleep well for an old man, and I still work hard enough to deserve it too.

I have been letting my hair grow this summer and I like having long hair because it suits my disposition. Now as fall starts so does my seasonal beard. I am pretending I look like the white man's version of Jesus Christ if he had turned out to be a sinner and grew old like me. The black sheep instead of being the sacrificial lamb.

You know I am still trying to not make matters worse, trying ain't doing though.
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