Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pomegranate NS08 phone

The Pomegranate NSO8 leaps way beyond any other device in history. The flash site is a bit lengthy to load but it is worth it. The masterminds behind this device have taken phone technology past the twenty second century to a place where no phone has ever gone before.

This phone's creator is not making matters worse with this dream device.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. All I want for Christmas this year is a little less grief, how about you?
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Law, what an absurd joke sometimes

Zero tolerance is a way for people who get paid to hear a case, to get out of hearing a case and yet, still get paid. Let us all remember to always throw out the baby with the bathwater. Has zero tolerance kept anything from happening? The closest High School to me had a gun killing not too long ago, I guess it would have been worse if zero tolerance were not enacted...right?

Perhaps the lazy Judges, Lawyers and lawmakers will enact zero tolerance for civil cases soon and we can all wonder around making accusations and collecting checks for an easy living.

Please people, don't be calling my people and asking them to change my words or write letters apologizing in my name. If anyone can pick up a computer and write a letter in my pseudonym and get me removed from a RSS feed, then anything is possible on the wild-wild internets. Of which I am sure a special team of lawmakers are working on right now to suit their own agenda and financial backing.

If you are taking the word of any nut on the internet as anything other than their skewed opinion, then the problem is not with the writer. The problem may be in your own ability to not make matters worse in your individual thinking aptitude.
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shame on you, my Red State Tennesseans

I am so ashamed sometimes for people of my own color and people in my own City.

Do you really think President-elect Obama is going to take all your guns with all the other daunting task at his hand? Sure, let the people starve while we haggle over rights about automatic rifles. You should really worry about getting habeas corpus back if you want rights free from undue accusation.

Do you really think your taxes are going to skyrocket? Where is your faith in your country's ability to equalize the tax burden? Give the new man a chance, hell even I did that in 2000 when "W" started.

You are calling this man a "Nigger" and you yourself have accomplished nothing to the degree that this man has. In reality you have a president-elect who may be the most educated, articulate and intelligent president your country will elect in your lifetime. I know he ain't no cowboy oil man or famous actor, but he is an expert on constitutional law. Don't you agree with the constitution? Do you really hate America, or is just "niggers" you hate?

I am really hopeful our newly elected president can start to undo the mess that has been created, because it can't make matters any worse to try something completely different.
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Monday, November 03, 2008

Did you know?

Did you know that if someone does not pay you for your work in Tennessee you can't really do anything about it? Even if you are a W-2 full time employee you have no recourse except hiring a lawyer which you can not charge the lawyer services back to said employer. Even if your employer has supposedly taken out taxes and social and never pays the federal government, you are still responsible.

Sounds like lawyers have set the game up pretty good for their own kind. I say bravo to them, clever word tricks have us all scrounging to pay our bills and health care.

Did you know you can not call a thief a thief? Just because they mismanaged does not make them a thief. You can't call a liar a liar either even if they had a contract with you in both paper and verbal agreement. It makes me wonder what really keeps order in these situations. Fraud it seems is difficult to prove and I am thinking of taking up a few more credit card offers, with the good intent of paying them back...of course. This may be the way things really work in these parts, swimming pools, movie stars.

I think when I had my bankruptcy and A.R.M. loan failure I would have taken the criticism of being a thief and a liar, because I felt low and like those things. Now I know that ain't at all how it works. Yet another reason to be feeling free today. What was that part of the Lord's prayer? Something about forgiveness of trespasses?

So remember folks if you lie and steal in a formal business fashion it will not make matters worse in the eyes of the law.
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