Saturday, June 30, 2007

Captain America Dead

I've not had much time for blogging as I have been making hay while the sun is shining. I truly have missed it.

I saw this article about Captain America being sniped off while heading to court. He was protesting a law making him and all the super heroes register their real identity.

I find this upsetting after seeing "SiCKO," the film about our greedy uncaring health care system, thanks to R.Neil (formally known as South Knox Bubba). He's over at Knox Views
and treated fifty-five people to a movie that puts a bit of perspective on the greed disease in health care that America is suffering from.

I will try and avoid my normal whiney approach about more work hours and less success and try and not make matters worse.

While in the theater viewing this film, I felt so sorry for myself, my family and my fellow Americans. I felt even more helpless today with Captain America dead on top of it all. I do hope we can get back to by the people, for the people without violent revolution.

Let us all remember this upcoming holiday for what it was; liberation from a real bad deal.

Read, understand, ask questions and vote. It is your responsibility to do so.
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Sunday, June 03, 2007


I hope you folks know how much I appreciate your good and kind thoughts on my oldest daughter's affliction. Many of us bloggers post about kittens and such, so please forgive me as I post about my progeny. She is doing well after a lengthy MRI on Wednesday which showed no signs of cancer migration. Another scan in a few months will reveal the same I pray.

Castle in Sunny Southern California's Disney Land and link.

Camry and I were visiting the other day in the hospital and we were talking about her younger sister Castle's creativity. Castle can't have a myspace page so she has been creating word pad documents for her own amusement as if she had readers. I lifted the photos she pasted and edited the shortened
"teen-ease-sms-aim-shorthand" from the document. I am gathering she saw a menu item that inspired this little photo report on the elusive Maple Chicken and thusly the Chicken Tree.

The Maple Chicken Tree

The Chicken Tree is a very rare specimen.

Have a good time looking at my site.....

Aren't they cute?

(below) Another picture of a Chicken Tree

Maple Chickens grow on the Maple Chicken Tree.
Yeah, pretty freakin' awesome.

Their fears: enough said...

The food they eat...yum?

In America people wonder if the Maple Chickens eat
the Maple leaves...well we have the answer for you,
right here, right now!

It's freakin' awesome!

(In the fall) they eat the Maple leaves,
and this is what happens.

weird huh?

(below) Is a close-up and personal picture
of the Chicken Tree
(with hatchling)

Thank you for taking the time to read my page.
It means soooo much to me.
I hope you had a great time looking at my site.

-Castle Courageous

this page is not alligal [sic] in South America.....its not even a real page

Many thanks to Miss Castle for her information/perception on the Maple Chicken Tree. Thanks also to her big sister for bringing it to my attention and sending an attached file in her email to me.

Carry on my sweet girls and don't make matters worse, love Dad.
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