Saturday, January 20, 2007

Focal Point, Prophet of the Obvious ramblings

I had that fluttery feeling the other day. The feeling like one gets when driving over the top of a big hill too fast. That semi-weightless moment of fear may have been the peak oil point in time when the world was about to change as we know it. I feel fine, like the R.E.M. song says, so I am guessing they must have felt something like that too when writing that.

My wife and I were talking after a few sips of wine on her side and a few sips of beer on my side in that way that we used to when we smoked pot. A child like campfire ghost story way of spooking each other out, but with the big picture/theory of everything sort of stuff that adults do for a cheap thrill from time to time. Sometimes it even leads up to some darn good sex. You know that, "one last time before the world ends sex" kinda goodness? I hope you do, it is quite a thriller as the brain is the hottest sex organ a human has. I thought I would give a little sexy talk to keep you reading through this boring Prophet of the Obvious soap box post.

I have often noticed that things in our life come in visual metaphors like the compressing of light in a curved convex and/or concave piece of glass. In eye glasses or magnifying glasses there is a compression of all that light bent into a single focal point. Our perception of things get compressed and uncomfortable before they get better most times. Wars are always about resources, we are that simple no matter how complicated the issues or human interaction. We are simply similar to ants fighting over a discarded toenail in the sand because we feel like we could use the calcium to make more larvae. That is life and life purpose which is to go further into the time line we call the future.

So always have faith and hope that things are unfolding from that compression point into a wonderful clear view in perfect focus and feel fine (like the song says). No matter what your views about spiritual awareness are; find comfort in the fact you are a conscious supraliminal witness at this focal point. Try for a few moments a day to remember that you most likely are a spirit on a human journey, not a human on a spiritual journey. Otherwise you will loose your unique witness to yourself a.k.a. your very best friend.

So journeymen and journey-women enjoy the ride, the butterflies in your stomach are really in your head. Let us all try and keep the matters from getting worse in our mind (it is sexy in there).
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Kaleidoscope Eyes

(click to make larger, you MUST!)

The daughters have these very nice cameras Santa Mom and Dad gave them and now that the new has worn off I got my shot at it. I worked really hard to get a good shot of the view inside a kaleidoscope. I cropped off the blurry and dark edges for you because I thought they were ugly.

I hope you enjoy this shot it can't make matters worse.
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