Monday, May 08, 2006

Dear Readers

I have been considering what to do about our problems with making a living. I have been one sad story after another for which I regret. My wife and I both have steady jobs and we honestly can not make it. I have already lost all my credit, my nicer cars and now we are about one week from loosing our home. We make clear about $1800.00 per month after all deductions and frankly that is not enough for our little family to survive here.

If you know of a place where we can rent near Knoxville for around $500.00 please leave a comment. I should have internet service for about one more week. We need to rent close to Knoxville due to the fact that we both work for the local government and a long drive is impossible for our old vehicles and fuel prices being somewhat high at this time. My wife is going to school under a grant that only covers tuition, her travel, living and books are too much for us to bare.

I keep pushing my wife to leave me and find a real man who does not have the burdens that I do. She still sticks around. I have reached some sort of numb point in my emotional development that I can not explain. I fear I am a ghost of what I was ment to be as a human being.

I do not want your pity or donations, but I do want you to be a witness to this. Greed is real and it is not something that only happens to other people when laws are streched to the limit and people who need help cannot get it.

God go with you all, peace will win, we are all winners because victory has already been won in the things that matter or make matters worse.
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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Forever Stamp

I understand the United States Postal Service is wanting to go up on stamp prices once more as cost of fuel and other things are on the rise.

The Postal Service wants to do a "Forever Stamp" that stays first class postage no matter what price you paid for it, which is a good idea except for one thing, a big thing, a really big thing.

I am not an investor or player of the game of money changing, but my Prophet of the Obvious eyes see another thing to cause inflation. I am not a great mind of these things and offer a simple man view when I say that anytime money is made for exchange of nothing more than currency rise and fall it makes every dollar worth less, because no service or goods were satisified in the marketplace. If no use was made from money to expand the shaping and delivering of items to help humans live then it causes a rift of worth on the money market. I remember this guy that made a whip and went in swinging on an issue like this in an old collection of sixty six books.

If the stamp that you buy today is expected to rise five percent within the next day then there will be the investor who buys and sells a bit lower than the post office on the next day. Let us consider if one person had ten million dollars he wanted to invest in stamps knowing he could make three percent in one day...he would and he would make $300,000 for nothing more than betting on a sure thing. Making Jed's dollar worth a tiny amount less. It would make stamps a commodity for daily trade.

Heck, you all know I am wrong about many things. I know that I can get some good input from you smart readers that never makes matters worse.
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